Plenary Lectures

  • Christian Amatore Quantitative Nano-Electrochemical Measurements of Intracellular and Intravesicular Contents of Neurotransmitters and Reactive Oxygen Species at the Single Cell Level (CNRS & Ecole Normale Superieure, PSL, Sorbonne University, Paris, France)
  • Maria Goreti Sales Autonomous electrochemical biosensors (Departamento de Engenharia Química, Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal)

Keynote Lectures

  • Cristina Cordas Cellulose cleavage – Electrochemistry of Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases (LPMOs) and prospective related proteins (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
  • Biljana Paunkovic Necessity of bifunctional catalysis in electrochemical energy conversion/storage systems (Universidade de Lisboa)
  • João Tedim, Surface treatments and coatings for Mg bioabsorbable implants (Universidade de Aveiro)
  • Sérgio Seixas de Melo, Indigo and trypthantrin derivatives as active materials in aqueous-organic redox flow batteries (Universidade de Coimbra)
  • Vítor Vilar, Advanced Treatment Technologies for Wastewater Resources Recovery (Universidade do Porto)
  • Maria Manuel Silva, Novel windows for energy efficiency of buildings (Universidade do Minho)
  • Young electrochemist award lecture
  • Career Award lecture